Our Beer

Boxcar Willie – Kolsch

The epitome of a lawnmower beer, this German ale is great for anyone new to craft beer. This beer is light, crisp and finishes dry with some hints of citrus on the nose.

$5.50/ABV 5.1

Run8 – American IPA

Classic American IPA. We kept the bitterness on the low side to make this beer more approachable to the non-hoppy beer drinkers. Dry hopped with Centennial and Mosaic, this beer has some floral, berry and orange notes that are balanced out by the malt profile.

$6.50/ABV 6.2

3:10 To Brussels – Belgian Wheat

A sessionable Belgian ale. This beer finishes dry and crisp, but has a tangy sweetness from the wheat. Notes of clove, banana and citrus.

$6.00/ABV 5.6

Heritage – American Pale Ale

A modern take on a classic American style. Brewed with Simcoe, Centennial and Amarillo, this beer has notes of pine, grapefruit and citrus with a dry and crisp bitterness.

$6.00/ABV 5.3

Caboose – Georgia Red Ale

A cross between an Irish Red and American Amber. This beer has malty flavors of toast, biscuit and toffee. The malt backbone is balanced out with a floral and earthy hop presence that finishes on the dry side.

$6.00/ABV 5.7

Ride or Die – English Porter

This English Porter has a malty backbone that imparts layers of coffee, chocolate and dark caramel. A slight roast on the backend that is balanced out with a subtle floral and earthy hop presence.

$6.00/ABV 5.2

DART – Dry Irish Stout

A low ABV stout with tons of flavor. This beer has layers of chocolate with a roasted finish. Finishes smooth with a slightly creamy finish. Let this one warm up in the glass a bit to draw out more complexity.

$6.00/ABV 4.2

In the Haze – NEIPA

A new school IPA with tons of hop flavor. Brewed with Cashmere, El Dorado, Mosaic and Azacca, this beer has a juicy and aromatic hop presence that imparts big tropical notes. Rounded finish that is slightly sweet but crisp.

$6.50/ABV 6.1

Just the Ticket – Hoppy Pilsner

Traditional pale German lager with a slight twist. This beer has a slight malty sweetness with a balanced bitterness on the finish. Brewed with Mandarina Bavaria, this lager has some subtle notes of clementine that impart a refreshing finish.

$6.00/ABV 5.2

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